Portrait Photography: David Friend
Portrait Photography: David Friend
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For all the attention to equality in education, educators and others charged with stewarding youth still subconsciously interact with them in ways that reinforce gender stereotypes, prioritizing athletic prowess for boys and academic achievement for girls.

The disparity manifests later in university classrooms, where females outnumber males 3 to 2. While many people seek to improve college outcomes overall by looking at ethnic and socioeconomic discrepancies, Education Professor Frank Harris III is one of the few turning to gender for answers.

His dissertation on the subject earned him two national awards. It’s a strong start and it comes with an ambitious agenda: to help educators, counselors and coaches understand how American youth is impacted by gender issues.

“Someday, I’d like to know that people are using my work to develop programs and do what they can to support healthy, productive development for men through education.”

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