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In January, the California State University Board of Trustees began the search for a new president of San Diego State University.

Five CSU trustees plus CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed comprise the search committee. A second committee of SDSU alumni, faculty and staff members, a student, a community representative and a president of another CSU campus are advising the trustee search committee.

If the search is successful, the CSU trustees will name the new San Diego State president in May; he/she will start sometime after my last day in early July.

People have asked me about what to expect of SDSU’s future. My response to them is straight-forward: although I have had the privilege and joy of serving the development of SDSU over the last 15 years, I am not the university. You are the university.

You—alumni, faculty, staff, students and supportive friends—are the ones who meet the challenges, identify the opportunities, set the goals and finally, determine the best way to take San Diego State to the next level of excellence. Most importantly, you are the ones who serve our students and our society.

During the last 15 years, it has been my pleasure to work with many generous people who have partnered with SDSU to accomplish excellent and important work. Your generosity helps counteract the increasing lack of support for higher education in California and has propelled SDSU to new heights. My successor will need your continued collaboration and support.

Presidential transitions, like the one San Diego State is about to experience, are good and salutary events. Universities, like all organizations, can benefit from new leadership, new questions and new challenges to the status quo. But most of all, the transition to a new president allows a time to pause, to recognize our gains, and then to step out in pursuit of new challenges.

It is your right and your responsibility to move San Diego State forward under new leadership. You must help the incoming president understand the unique character of SDSU, and you must demonstrate how this university is both the anchor and the sail of the San Diego region.

I know you will give our new president the same warm welcome you gave Susan and me 15 years ago. Working at San Diego State has been the high point of my life and career, but I have no doubt that San Diego State’s best days still lie ahead.
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