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Lessons From Abroad

Lessons From Abroad
Conference Shows How To
Leverage Your Experience

The lessons students learn during a study abroad program aren’t always served up in a classroom. They might come, for instance, while trying to make sense of the web-like Barcelona subway map despite possessing only a tenuous grasp of Catalan.  The things you pick up along the way – adaptability, perseverance, problem solving – are real skills with real personal and professional implications.

But do returning students really understand how to express those experiences to a potential employer or graduate school admissions officer staring back at them from across a table?

All too often, the answer is no.

“Students will come back and say ‘Wow, that was awesome, but what do I do with all that I learned?’” said Amanda Chamberlain, a faculty-led study abroad advisor in the College of Extended Studies. “It’s like, you’ve had this great experience, but how do you talk about it in a way that’s going to actually be beneficial to you?

SDSU students who have studied abroad can learn all the ways to best leverage their experience on February 21, as SDSU hosts the annual Lessons From Abroad Returnee Conference. The conference will tackle several topics, including unpacking the personal significance of your experience, learning to talk about your experience in an interview setting, fine-tuning your resume, and working or studying abroad after graduation.

As there will also be ample opportunity for networking, students are encouraged to treat this as a professional conference. Wearing business casual attire and bringing a copies of a resume is strongly recommended.

“I think that all students who studied abroad should definitely take advantage of it, and the fact that it’s here on campus makes it easy,” said Chamberlain, co-chair of this year’s conference. “Students are always surprised by how much they get out of it.”

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The student registration deadline to participate in Lessons From Abroad is February 17. Register or read more information at the conference's website.

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