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San Diego State University

Compact for Succcess

Step 4: College Application (and EOP/EOPS)

When: October of your senior year

What to do: Apply to the college(s) of your choice. Complete applications carefully, and be sure you have your transcript, correct GPA and test scores from SAT/ACT. Errors will delay the processing of your application and your admission could be denied to due to an incomplete application.

College Application Process:

Answer all questions fully and accurately.

  • For California universities, indicate the high school you attended (use pulldown or prompt menus).
  • Record all benchmark (A-G) courses you have taken, including those you will complete as a senior. Courses taken during your senior year are considered as coursework “in progress” or “planned.”
  • Record courses exactly as listed on your transcript. Your school follows a semester course pattern and provides you with a grade for each semester. (Use pulldown menus to select courses, if possible. Match courses listed with how they appear on your transcript.)
  • Include your SAT/ACT scores.
  • Give an e-mail address that you check frequently. Universities will use the e-mail address you supply as their chief way of communicating with you.
  • If applying to a CSU, authorize the release of EAP (Early Assessment Program) scores via CSUMentor.

Consider applying for Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP or EOPS)

  • If you are a first-generation student (your parents did not graduate from college in the US), and your family qualifies for financial assistance, then EOP could be a wonderful program for you. 
  • When you complete your college application, you will be asked if you’d like to be considered for EOP. Click “Yes.” You’ll need to submit additional forms including teacher and counselor recommendations. The CSU or UC website will link you to them.
  • EOP provides additional financial support as well as academic guidance, early registration and academic tutoring.
  • Important: You can only apply to EOP once as a freshman, at the time of application, so do not miss out on this opportunity!