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San Diego State University

Compact for Success

Measuring Our Success

The award-winning Compact for Success program celebrated its 12th anniversary in 2011. The partnership between San Diego State University and the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) was the first of its kind in the nation, and others are now forming to model its achievement.

Dr. Lou Murillo, Director of Compact for Success, is proud of the progress made, both by the program and by the students it is helping. “As we reflect on our work, we see clear evidence that more graduates of the Sweetwater District have gone on to college than ever before,” he said. “Applications to SDSU have increased more than 120 percent since the beginning of the program.”

The numbers of SUHSD graduates who have enrolled in SDSU have significantly increased, and the number of students being admitted having met the English and math proficiency requirements has also increased. Compact Scholars are outperforming other SDSU students and their retention rate is the same — demonstrating that the Compact for Success Program has not only provided access to SDSU but also the support to assure they will complete their educational goals in a timely manner.


Trend Data for SUHSD 2000 – 2010

Year Applied Admitted Enrolled Proficiency Compact Scholars
2000 789 639 308 88  
2006 1569 1250 628 237 203
2007 1670 1286 695 238 197
2008 1750 1406 703 274 227
2009 1754 1542 749 339 266
2010 1747 1069 650 418 394
% increase
122% 67% 111% 578%  

Trend Data for SUHSD 2009

Grade Activity Total
7thCollege: Making it Happen2,007
7th7th Grade Campus Visit to SDSU3,200
7th / 8thCompact Mentors2,714
10thCompact Advisors at GEAR UP sites1,020
10th10th Grade Visit to SDSU1,582
11th11th Grade Recognition Assemblies2,039
11thSAT/ACT Workshops705
11th / 12thDistrict College Fair1,200
12thFinancial Aid Events3,086