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San Diego State University

Compact for Success

SDSU Peer Mentoring Program

Mission statement

Provide support, information and guidance to assure student success in the transition from Southwestern Community College to San Diego State University.

Program description

The SDSU Peer Mentoring Program was initiated in spring 2010. It is a collaboration between San Diego State University including the Office of Collaborative Programs — Compact for Success, Educational Opportunity Program, and the Community Based Block Counseling Program (CBB). Partners from the community college district include the counseling offices and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Office of Southwestern Community College.

The purpose of the program is to engage a cohort of students at Southwestern College who fit the EOP profile and intend to transfer to SDSU. The goal of the program is to better prepare students to be successful in the transfer process to SDSU. Students also are involved in the SDSU EOP Summer Bridge Program.

Program Goals

  • Provide target community college students support through information about academic support, financial aid, study skills and other information regarding transferring to SDSU
  • Increase the retention rate of targeted students once they transfer to SDSU
  • Provide counselor candidates in the CBB Program with a professional experience working with community college students
  • Focus on rigor of expository writing courses and curriculum alignment

Role and Duties of SDSU Peer Mentors

The primary role of each mentor will be to:

  1. Provide general connection to SDSU
  2. Inform students about the application process to SDSU
  3. Refer students to support activities

Peer Mentors provide information by meeting with students individually, in small groups or in workshop presentations.

For More Information

For information on how to become a Peer Mentor, please contact Wendy Alemán, Interim Director, (619) 594-3685 or