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San Diego State University

Compact for Success

Resources for Students and Teachers

Whether you're a student, parent or educator, use these resources and tips to prepare for the path to college.


Resources for High School Students

  • Early Assessment Program (EAP): The Early Assessment Program (EAP) helps students measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school, and helps them improve skills during their senior year.
  • How to apply to college in 6 Steps: Covers senior review, college selection, admission exams (ACT and SAT), placement exams (ELM and EPT), Applying to college (and EOP/EOPS), Financial Aid, declaring intent to enroll, sending your transcript, and exploring housing options.

Resources for Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Kids2College Program (K2C) helps younger students see higher education as a real possibility for their own future. There's also information for parents and guardians in English and en Español.
  • Note: Success in middle school sets the foundation for success in high school. Algebra and a foreign language are recommended in middle school.


Resources for Teachers

Take advantage of these resources to help your students succeed. 

  • Find information for teachers including student EAP status reports,EAP service areas, EAP essentials for 9-11th graders and seniors, EAP professional development, EPT/ELM requirements, and other updates.