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San Diego State University

DELETE Disability Resources

Resources for Faculty, Students and Staff

San Diego State University is committed to diversity and a campus culture of inclusion that is necessary for a rich learning environment and essential in preparing students to work, live and contribute in an increasingly complex society. As part of this effort, the University is committed to providing disabled persons access to and participation in the University's programs, services, and activities and creating an environment where faculty, staff, administrators and students respect disabled persons. 




At San Diego State University, there are a number of departments and programs charged with providing a variety of accommodations for people with disabilities. Below, please find a listing of the various resources and services available at SDSU.


 Student Disability Services (SDS)
( )
·         SDS is the campus office responsible for determining and providing academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  Support services are available to students with certified visual limitations, hearing and communication impairments, learning disabilities, and mobility and other functional limitations. 
Office of Employee Relations and Compliance (OERC)
 ·         OERC is the campus office responsible for determining and providing reasonable accommodations to faculty, staff and job applicants with documented disabilities.  (
·         OERC administers the SDSU Assistive Device/Auxiliary Aid program, which receives limited funds from the Chancellor’s Office and is designed to supplement department resources to purchase assistive devices or adaptive equipment to facilitate the performance of job-related activities for university employees with disabilities.  ( )
·         OERC handles complaints alleging unlawful discrimination or harassment by faculty, students and staff on the basis of one’s disability or other protected characteristics.  ( ) 
Accessible Technology Initiative
 ·         The Accessible Technology Initiative is a program that provides resources, tools, training and expertise to ensure that instructional materials and the technology that are used will be accessible to all. Information materials and technologies include, but are not limited to "computer and network access and services, computer-delivered or enhanced instruction, library electronic information resources, library online catalogs and homepages, campus informational web sites, computer-delivered or assisted administrative services, and voice and video programs and services." 
Parking and Transportation Services
·         Please contact the Department of Public Safety with any questions about parking at San Diego State University.  (http://pd/parking.htm )
·         Click here for the Accessible Parking Map. ( )
·         Cart Service:o   On-campus cart service is available for students with permanent and temporary mobility limitations and who have appropriate documentation of disability.   Click here for more information. ( )o   On-campus cart service is available for faculty and staff with permanent and temporary mobility limitations and who have appropriate documentation of disability.  Contact the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance at 619-594-6464. Campus Accessibility:
·         Reporting Physical Barriers:o   Please call Student Disability Services to report any problems or concerns related to architectural barriers, transportation, or construction: 619-594-6473.
·         Campus Map for Disabled Accesso   See SDSU's Campus Map for Disabled Information and Accessible Route ( )
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The University’s ADA Compliance Officer helps to guide the University's efforts to move beyond compliance and toward seamless access.  The ADA Compliance Officer, with the assistance of the Deputy ADA Compliance Officers, is responsible for coordinating University efforts to comply with and carry out SDSU’s responsibilities under the ADA.


The ADA Compliance Officer and Deputy Officers serve as a referral point for disability related information, services and resources; provide consultation on policy reviews and facilities planning; conduct workshops and training on disability related topics; serve as a clearinghouse for disability related complaints; and develop disability related initiatives.


Dr. Donald Kirson
Interim Director, Student Disability Services
5500 Campanile Drive, Calpulli Center 3101
San Diego, CA 92182

Phone: 619-594-1156



Deputy Compliance Officers

Thom Harpole (Employees, Applicants and Visitors)
Director, Office of Employee Relations and Compliance
5500 Campanile Drive, Administration 228
San Diego, CA 92182
Phone: 619-594-6464
Debbie Richeson (Parking and Transportation)
Director, Parking and Auxiliary Services
Department of Public Safety
5500 Campanile Drive,
Department of Public Safety 213
San Diego, CA 92182
Phone: 619-594-6671
Jeff Brown (Physical Access)
Assistant Director, Facilities Services
5500 Campanile Drive, Facilities Services 108
San Diego, CA 92182
Phone: 619-594-2629
Kent McKelvey (Information Resources and Technology)
Interim CIO and Senior Director, Enterprise Technology Services
5500 Campanile Drive, Administration 222
San Diego, CA 92182
Phone: 619-594-3245
Cathy Garcia (Contracts and Procurement)
Director, Contract and Procurement Management
5500 Campanile Drive, Administration 116
San Diego, CA 92182
Phone: 619-594-4723