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San Diego State University

Honors Council

Scholars Without Borders


Scholars Without Borders

Scholars without borders is an honorary society dedicated to: (1) promoting international exchange and service and (2) recognizing scholarly achievement in an international context. Scholars without borders is an academic, professional, and service society, unique because it is resolutely interdisciplinary and international. By suporting programs with an international focus and building awareness of international issues and opportunities, we strive to inspire SDSU students, faculty, and staff to become engaged and committed scholar-citizens of the global community.


The goals of this Fellowship of International Scholars are:


  • to promote international exchange, scholarship, and action 
  • to facilitate a campus network of individuals involved in international initiatives
  • to recognize the scholarly achievement of international students and scholars, US students who have studied aborad,and faculty and staff who are involved in or are promoting international activities
  • to provide a forum for discussion of international topics and global issues
  • to support undergraduate and graduate students in their efforts to study abroad
  • to connect students, faculty, and staff to a variety of international opportunities and resources





Seth Kaplowitz, Adviser

Sebastian Schneider, President