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San Diego State University

Community College Leadership programs

Executive Certificate 
Community College Instructional Leadership

This certificate is designed to enhance the leadership skills of faculty in community colleges as they prepare for roles of increasing responsibility.  In many community colleges faculty are integral in the governing process.  Faculty members are often tapped to lead large-scale institutional projects such as accreditation, reporting, and curriculum redesign.  In addition, with an increasing focus on accountability along with an expectation of continued growth in our community colleges, faculty leaders will be required to address accountability mandates and lead the efforts toward improved student success.  This certificate prepares faculty for such roles with a focus on advancing student equity and institutional responsibility.
This program is designed for completion in five months.  
Who Should Apply? 


Individuals who will benefit from this program include those who either aspire to be in or are currently in faculty leadership roles such as committee chairs, program coordinators, department chairs, academic deans, or faculty governance positions. 

The program includes a five-module sequence:

  • Theories of Leadership – An overview of leadership theories and their utility in instructional management.

  • Curriculum Design and Evaluation – Overview of curriculum design principles and outcomes assessment in accordance with principles of adult learning theory and universal design.

  • Enrollment Management – Including outreach, scheduling, course offerings, and alignment with student need, strategic plan, and funding guidelines. 

  • Personnel Development and Management – Hiring process, evaluation, and leadership.

  • Accreditation and Program Review- An overview of accreditation requirements from different regions including how to manage the accreditation process on your campus.
Program Faculty
Bridget Herrin, EdD
Scott Herrin, EdD
Frank Harris III, EdD

Apply Now 

Enrollment begins July 1 for the October of 2015 cohort 

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Contact Us

J. Luke Wood, PhD
Program Director & Associate Professor
Community College Leadership
Program Co-Director
Executive Certificate Programs 

Wendy Bracken, EdD
Program Coordinator & Lecturer
EdD in Community College Leadership

Bridget Herrin, EdD
Program Co-Director & Lecturer
Executive Certificate Programs

Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, & Postsecondary Education (ARPE/Interwork Institute)
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