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San Diego State University


Masters Programs

The first two programs listed below are part of the Master of Arts program in the College of Education's School of Teacher Education. Faculty members involved with all three masters programs are also members of CRMSE.

K-8 Mathematics Education

Program overview: We seek elementary teachers or middle school teachers of mathematics who are interested in exploring how to teach and learn mathematics more effectively. You do not need to be a math whiz to join the program. You do, however, need to have an interest in furthering your knowledge of the mathematical ideas in the K-8 curriculum, how children think about mathematics, how math instruction can empower all children rather than an elite few, and how research can improve instruction. The program consists of 30 units of coursework. For more information on the K-8 Math Education program, click here.


K-12 Science Education

Program overview: The program is designed to support the professional development of K-12 teachers who want to improve their science instruction. The program consists of 30 units of coursework, offered during four semesters and one summer session. Courses will be taught two days per week in the late afternoon or evening. The program begins in the fall of even-numbered years. For more information on the K-12 Science Education program, click here.


Master of Arts in Teaching Service (MATS)

Offered through the Mathematics Education division of the Department of Mathematics, the Master of Arts in Teaching Service (MATS) program offers two specializations: community college teaching and secondary school teaching.  The community college specialization is designed for students with strong undergraduate preparation in mathematics and may be used to satisfy the requirements for teaching at the community college level. The secondary school specialization is designed to strengthen the mathematical background of secondary teachers, while providing course work to better understand the learning and teaching of mathematics in grades 7-12. For more information, visit the MATS program website.