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School Psychology Program Requirements

The School Psychology Program is an integrated degree-and-credential program. When we refer to "program requirements" we are generally referring to the total requirements for both the degree and credential. There are, however, three sets of requirements: (1) degree requirements, (2) credential requirements, and (3) specialty project requirements. While these three sets of requirements overlap, they also have substantial differences. 

Degree Requirements
The Graduate Bulletin is the guide to course requirements for the Ed.S. in School Psychology and the M.S. in Counseling with Specialization in School Psychology. The framework for course requirements reflect the NASP Domains of Practice. The culminating experience for the M.S. is a two-semester seminar sequence (CSP 710A & 710B) devoted to application of “n of 1” and small group research applied to the evaluation of effectiveness in delivering evidence-based interventions. During internship, students also take a two-semester seminar sequence (CSP 760/780) devoted to school wide needs assessment, case study, systems intervention, and evaluation of intervention effectiveness.
Credential Requirements
There are two school psychology credentials: (1) the School Psychology Internship Credential and (2) the Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology. Internship Credential requirements include: (a) satisfactory completion of all coursework in the first three years of the program (i.e., “B” average and no course with grade below “B-”, (b) credit for two semesters of CSP 752 Seminar and Practicum in School Psychology, (c) completion of at least 500 hours of supervised field experiences in the schools, (d) passing the CBEST, (e) satisfactory evaluation and recommendation of your CSP 752 field supervisor, and (f) formal recommendation of the school psychology faculty following review in the Internship Planning Conference. Requirements for the PPS School Psychology Credential include: (a) satisfactory completion of 1200 hours of internship with recommendation from your internship field supervisor, (b) satisfactory completion of the two-semester seminar sequence concurrent with internship (i.e., CSP 710A/760), (c) documentation of the integration of your competencies in your culminating portfolio, and (d) recommendation of the internship university instructor and program director. Note: credential requirements exceed degree requirements.
Specialty Project Requirements
Federal training projects associated with the School Psychology Program have required "specialty" courses and experiences. Students supported by these projects need to meet with their project director to clarify requirements. Ongoing funding from the project is contingent on satisfactory progress toward meeting project requirements. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all project requirements are met.

Special Circumstances

For information on variances from regular program requirements or a waiver on ED690, please see the Special Circumstances page.