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Elementary Education Emphasis - Literacy Focus - Course List

On this page: See the Literacy Focus course list, including suggested upper division course sequence for junior and senior years.

Review below:


Letter Grade Requirement

All courses, except LIB S 498, must be taken for a letter grade and cannot be taken CR/NC.

Enrollment Restrictions

Note: Underlined upper division courses are not open to Liberal Studies pre-majors. Footnotes in the Class Schedule contain information on enrollment restrictions for courses. Please read them carefully when searching for classes.

Literacy Focus Course List

Table 1: Core Subject Area - Liberal Studies (4 units total)



Pre-major or Major Introduction to Liberal Studies (3 units)
LS 300 (field experience required) (prerequisite: ED 200)
 Major onlyAssessment in Liberal Studies (1 unit) LS 498 (prerequisite: LS 300)


Table 2: Core Subject Area - Math & Science (10 units total)



Major onlyStatistics & Probability in Elementary Math (3 units)
Math 312 (prerequisite: LS-Math Proficiency Assessment)
Major onlySpecial Topics in Algebra, Geometry & Problem Solving (3 units)
Math 313 (prerequisite: LS-Math Proficiency Assessment)
Major onlyProcesses & Inquiry in the Physical Sciences (4 units)
PHYS 412

Table 3: Core Subject Area - Social & Behavioral Science (3 units total) 



Pre-major or Major Linguistics and English (3 units)
LING 420


Table 4: Core Subject Area - Humanities (18 units total)



Major onlyChildren's Literature (3 units)
ENGL 306A (must be taken concurrently with ENGL 306W)
Major onlyAdvanced Composition (3 units - grade of "C" or better satisfies GWAR)
ENGL 306W must be taken concurrently with ENGL 306A)
Pre-major or MajorUnited States History for Teachers (3 units)
HIST 413 (prerequisite: WPA score of 8 or RWS 280/281 with a "C" or better)
Major onlyWorld History (3 units)
HIST 411
Pre-major or MajorVisual/Performing Arts or *Education: Choose 1 course from the following list: 
Art 387 or Music 343, or Education 451/ SPED 527 (SPED 527 by petition)
Pre-major or MajorVisual/Performing Arts or *Education: Choose a second course from the following list: 
Art 387 or Music 343, or Education 451/ SPED 527 (SPED 527 by petition)

 *Only one ED/SPED class, not both, can be used in these areas. [Note: SPED 500 is a pre/ co-requisite for SPED 527.]

Table 5: Literacy Focus Classes (18-21 units total)



Pre-major or MajorPhysical Science (Physics & Chemistry) (3 units)
Natural Science 100  (Note: This class is included in the lower-division sequence, not the upper-division)
Pre-major or MajorGrammar & Usage for Writers (required only for students who score below 8 on the WPA) (3 units)
LING 253/RWS 253 (same class, cross-listed)
Major onlyEnglish Grammar for Prospective Teachers (3 units)
LING 430 (prerequisite: LING 420)
Major onlyLanguage Acquisition (3 units)
LING 452 (prerequisite: LING 420)
Pre-major or MajorTheatre (3 units): THEA 310 or 315
Pre-major or MajorEthnic Literature (choose 1 class - 3 units):
AFRAS 365A/B or AMIND 430 or CSS 335 or CLT 470 or WNST 352
Pre-major or MajorChildren's Literature (choose 1 class - 3 units):
ENGL 501 or ENGL 502 or ENGL 503


Table 6: Option Classes (6-7 units total) 



See information about Options for the Elementary Education Emphasis, Literacy Focus.


Table 7: Electives (if necessary to reach 120 units)



If you need additional units to reach the required 120, credential program prerequisite coursework is suggested. 



Suggested Course Sequences, Junior and Senior Years

Table 8: Suggested Upper Division Course Sequence - Junior Year
 Junior Semester IUnits Junior Semester II Units 
 Intro. to Liberal Studies: LS 300 (field experience)3 American History for Teachers: HIST 413 3
 World History: HIST 4113 Introduction to Linguistics: LING 420 3
 Visual/Performing Arts or Education choice3 Children's Literature English 306A 3
 Theatre 310 or 3153 and 
 Grammar/Usage: LING/RWS 253 (if required)0-3 Advanced Composition: English 306W 3
 or  Option class #1 (see Options) 3-4
 *Ethnic Literature (if LING/RWS 253 is waived) 0-3  
  15  15-16

Table 9: Suggested Upper Division Course Sequence - Senior Year
 Senior Semester IUnits Senior Semester II Units 
Senior Assessment: LS 498 (CR/NCR only)1Topics in Elementary Math: Math 313 3
Processes & Inquiry in Physics: PHYS 4124 Visual/Performing Arts or Education choice 3
Statistics & Probability: Math 3123Language Acquisition: LING 4523
English Grammar for Teachers: LING 4303Children's Literature choice 3
Option class #2 (see Options)3-4Ethnic Literature choice (if not completed) 0-3


  Elective (e.g., credential program prereq.) 0-3
  14-15  15


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