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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
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Elementary Education Emphasis - Literacy Focus - The Option

On this page: Learn about options within the elementary school education literacy focus.

Note: The following information applies to Liberal Studies majors entering the program in catalog year 2014 and later. If you began your studies during catalog years 2011-13, find guidance on completing your degree.

Option within the Literacy Focus: Units

Units per option: 6-7 units each

Option 1: Linguistics

The Linguistics option (6 units required) leads to the TESL certificate. Courses you must take are:

  • LING 550 (3 units) and
  • LING 555 or LING 556 (3 units)

Note that these courses are not offered every semester. Check the Class Schedule to see when they will be available.

Option 2: Bilingual Credential Preparation

The Bilingual Credential Preparation option (7 units required) courses are:

  • DLE 415 (4 units) and
  • SPAN 302 or 381 (for heritage speakers) or 382 (3 units)

Option 3: Special Education Credential Preparation

The Special Education Credential Preparation option (7 units required) courses are:

  • SPED 500 (3 units) and
  • SPED 501 (3 units) and
  • SPED 502 (1 unit)

Option 4: Performing Arts

The Performing Arts option (6 units required) courses are:

  • THEA 310 or 315 (whichever one you did not take for the focus - 3 units) and
  • AFRAS 385 or CCS 310 or MUSIC 345 or MUSIC 351 (3 units)
School of Teacher Education

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