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School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
SDSU Liberal Studies

Elementary Education Emphasis - Science Focus - Option

On this page: Learn about options within the elementary education emphasis, science focus.

Note: The following information applies to Liberal Studies majors entering the program in catalog year 2014 and later. If you began your studies during catalog years 2011-13, find guidance on completing your degree.

Options within the Science Focus

Units per option: 6-9 units each

Option 1: Linguistics

The Linguistics option (6 units required) leads to the TESL certificate. Courses you must take are:

  • LING 550 (3 units) and
  • LING 555 or LING 556 (3 units)

Note that these courses are not offered every semester. Check the Class Schedule to see when they will be available.

Option 2: Bilingual Credential Preparation

The Bilingual Credential Preparation option (7 units required) courses are: 

  • DLE 415 (4 units) and
  • SPAN 302 or 381 (for heritage speakers) or 382 (3 units)

Option 3: Special Education Credential Preparation

The Special Education Credential Preparation option (7 units required) courses are:

  • SPED 500 (3 units) and
  • SPED 501 (3 units) and
  • SPED 502 (1 unit)

Option 4: Performing Arts

The Performing Arts option (6 units required) courses are:

  • THEA 310 or 315 (whichever one you did not take for the focus - 3 units) and
  • AFRAS 385 or CCS 310 or MUSIC 345 or MUSIC 351 (3 units)

Option 5: Additional Science for Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA)

Students with a keen interest in science and the possibility of teahing middle school or even higher level science should consider changing to the Liberal Studies Science Emphasis (aka Middle School extended pathway). Choose Option 5 and complete the additional science for ISMA (7-9 units required). Use your own discretion when choosing the the timing to take these classes:

  • PHYS 180A (3 units) and PHYS 182A (1 unit) and
  • CHEM 130 ( (3 units) or CHEM 200 (5 units)

Consult the Liberal Studies advisor to switch to the Science Emphasis.

Important: You must earn a "C" or better in each course for the ISMA in Science. Science classes taken during study abroad cannot be used for the ISMA.

School of Teacher Education

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