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Extended Middle School Pathway - Math Emphasis 

On this page: Learn about the Math Emphasis for teaching mathematics in middle school.

The demand for mathematics teachers continues to be high.

Pathway to Teaching Middle School Math

Students complete the elementary education emphasis with a focus in mathematics, plus an 8-unit option in math, which provide the 32 units and specific coursework required to earn a Middle School Subject Matter Authorization in math provided they earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course. When coupled with a multiple subject credential, this authorization allows individuals to teach math in middle school if they so desire.

Foundational Level Mathematics Certification

If students wish to further enhance their employability, they may attempt to pass the 2 CSET examinations—110 on algebra and 111 on geometry—required for a Foundational Level Mathematics certification. Graduates who pass these tests may choose to earn a multiple subject credential and add a single subject authorization by taking the extra, single subject mathematics methods course, Teacher Education 914.

Those whose sole goal is to teach middle school may choose to do the regular single subject credential program, which gives them the advantage of doing their student teaching in a middle school or high school class. A single subject credential in Foundational Level Mathematics qualifies individuals to teach general mathematics, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and consumer mathematics at the middle school or high school level.

Who should consider the Math Emphasis?

Students with a keen interest in mathematics and the possibility of teaching middle school or even higher should consider the Math Emphasis.

Generally, students begin by pursuing the Elementary Education Emphasis with a focus in Math. When it is time to choose an option, a student who wishes to can choose the ISMA option, completing additional coursework to address middle school math content in greater depth.

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