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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

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The Performing Arts Option

On this page: Learn about the performing arts option, which will prepare you for the CSET and is a good choice if you are planning to complete your credential program at a university other than SDSU.

About the option  

Girl with braid dancing in studio

The Performing Arts option is designed primarily for those who do not intend to pursue the SDSU credential program.

(Note that the Bilingual and Special Education options count as credential program prerequisites for SDSU but not necessarily for another university.)

All students may select the Performing Arts option as an enjoyable elective, but they will still need to find a way to complete any SDSU credential program prerequisites within their regular coursework.

Preparation for the CSET

In addition, the 2 classes in this option will provide you with content knowledge that will help you on the CSET and will be very enjoyable coursework.

Making the Most of this Option

  • Plan to incorporate artistic expression and cultural perspectives in your global and creative classroom. Take courses in Africana Studies, Theater or Music, among others.
  • Career opportunities include furthering music and art appreciation and/or programs in elementary schools.
School of Teacher Education

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