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School of Teacher Education

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International Travel Options

On this page: Consider your goals and learn about your International Experience choices as a Liberal Studies major.

You Have Goals

As you plan to fulfill your International Experience Requirement, consider your overall goals. Do you want to . . .

  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Take Liberal Studies coursework
  • Volunteer in a classroom abroad
  • Gain experience teaching English
  • Immerse yourself in a particular culture
  • ???

You Have Options

Photo montage: Student poses with local reptiles, pyramids in Mexico

The Liberal Studies International Experience Requirement provides flexibility and variety, so you can make the most of your time abroad and fit the experience into your personal and academic schedule.

Consider how long you want to spend abroad. There are good reasons to study abroad for a longer stay, as well as for a short-term visit.

  • In a semester or year-long program, you have more time for exploration, cultural immersion, making friends . . . and it’s often no more expensive than staying at SDSU.
  • In a short-term program, you can gain an initial exposure to a new culture and focus on a more specific topic or theme.

As a Liberal Studies major, you have a variety of travel options to choose from, based on length of time you will spend abroad.

Learn more about your options:

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