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Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Marriage & Family Therapy
multicultural 2-year face-to-face training program

Margaret Slaska, MA, MS, LMFT

LecturerMaggie Slaska

Margaret Slaska received a MA in Women’s Studies and a MS in Counselling, MFT, both from SDSU.  She has worked in the domestic violence and sexual assault field for over 15 years and currently works with Narrative Health Initiatives in Collaboration with the Center for Health and Wellbeing, an integrative medical center. She teaches with the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Women’s Studies Department and Division of Undergraduate Studies..

Research & Teaching Interests:

Social constructionist and feminist theories of domestic violence and sexual assault; Women and sexuality; Resiliencies, protests and resistance to the effects of trauma; Globalization and Identity; Engaging students in critical service learning and social justice initiatives.

Professional Interests:

Clinical specialization in Narrative and Solution Focused therapies; Domestic violence, sexual assault and resiliencies to traumatic events; GLBTQ communities.


Email Address:

Marriage & Family Therapy Program


Phone: 619-594-6109