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Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Marriage & Family Therapy
multicultural 2-year face-to-face training program

Michael A. Giancola, MA, MS, LMFT

Lecturer, Clinical Supervisor (Spanish & English)

Giancola received a BA in Psychology and MA in International Relations from UCSD and graduated from the SDSU MFT program in 2010. He is currently working in private practice with men experiencing out of control sexual behavior. He is a clinical supervisor and teaches the testing and assessment for MFT course at SDSU. Giancola has ten years of experience doing qualitative and quantitative research in HIV.

Research & Teaching Interests:

Theories of therapy and how these influence the client/ patient relationship. Ways that the language used in client assessments affects the outcome of the assessments. Impact of strength based/ skills based work on clients and therapists. Sex positive/ sexual health conversations in therapy and how these may reduce stigma and shame in healthcare and mental health settings.

Other Professional Activites:

Advanced Traineeship (February 2015 to present) Working in private practice with Douglas Braun-Harvey, LMFT, CST, CGP to complete a certification to become an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist 

Clinical Supervisor (February 2015 to present) Working as a part time clinical supervisor for Christie's Place, a San Diego based non-profit supporting Women, Children and Families living with and affected by HIV.

Personal Interests:

Creating learning contexts where hierarchy is challenged and students' own knowledge of the world can inform some of the skills they choose to develop as clinicians. 

Creating communities that can spend time more time in meaningful conversation; engaging in meaningful relationships.



Marriage & Family Therapy Program


Phone: 619-594-6109