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San Diego State University


Advanced Certificate in Behavior Analysis

SDSU's Department of Special Education offers a verified course sequence (VCS) from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® towards the BCBA, as well as the Advanced Certificate in Behavior Analysis.

Note: If you want to enroll at SDSU only to take the courses toward the BCBA, you must enroll in the Advanced Certificate in Behavior Analysis. (If you want a certificate from SDSU, you must take at least 12 units.) Therefore, all candidates should enroll in the Advanced Certificate program. 

BCBA: Board Certified Behavior Analyst

  • Coursework consists of 19 credit hours (7 classes).
  • Classes can be completed in a 1-year period, but most students require 2 years.
  • Those interested in completing BCBA coursework should already hold an M.A./Ph.D. or should be concurrently enrolled in a graduate program at SDSU or elsewhere.
  • Fieldwork (1,500 hours. Not offered through SDSU; See Required Fieldwork below.) 

Required Fieldwork

Note that these SDSU programs provide only the coursework for the BCBA. In order to be eligible to sit for the BCBA exam and become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, you must also complete fieldwork (1,500 hours for BCBA). Students must make their own arrangements for fieldwork and supervision. See the BACB website for a registry of certified supervisors in your area.

Apply Now

Visit the Advanced Certificate in Behavior Analysis page at the College of Education Admissions website.  

Gainful Employment: Federal Disclosure Requirements

Please visit the Gainful Employment Disclosures page for federal disclosure requirements regarding gainful employment (Gainful Employment Disclosures Accessible Version).