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Team Leaders

The Team Leaders are a dedicated group of professionals who wear many hats. They facilitate various aspects of the credential program including student teaching placements, guidance for the student teachers and assessment leading to a recommendation for a Preliminary Teaching Credential.

 Team Leaders 2015


Single Subject Blocks

Math and Science

Generational Global

Kelly Leon

Gina Vattuone

 Linked Learning

Linked Learning

Kris Rodenberg

Generation Global

Math and Science

Kristin Gibson

Colby Nodurft

Three Semester block

3 Semester SS

Mr. Eric Ginsberg

children dancing

Performance Block


Multiple Subject Blocks

Chula Vista Block

Chula Vista

Gloria Davies

La Mesa Spring Valley Block

La Mesa/Spring Valley

Estella Chizhik

San Diego Partnership block

San Diego Unified Partnership

Catherine Close

Three semester block

3 Semester MS

Ixchell Samson