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International Programs - Students and Tower

International Programs

UPDATE: Scroll down to see the latest details about our 2014 summer study abroad engineering programs!

Welcome to Engineering International Programs where we provide resources for:

In an increasingly globalized economy, the College of Engineering is energetically engaged in providing our students with not only a strong engineering foundation, but also with experiences that will prepare them to successfully compete in the international workforce.

To achieve this goal, we aspire to produce engineers who are both internationally minded and culturally aware with many opportunities to study around the globe. 

In addition, the College of Engineering brings the world to our students with faculty members from Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Ethiopia, Iran, India, China, South Korea, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, and Peru. We also welcome hundreds of international students every year from around the globe who are studying for a degree, on exchange programs, or are visiting research scholars.

2014 Summer Programs

Pisa, Italy


FEB 6 at 11:30am - 12:30pm

ME Conference Room 323L  


  • E 280 (Methods of Analysis)
    Taught by Dr. Mauro Pierucci, SDSU
  • GENS 450 (Women in Italian History)
    Taught by an Italian professor in English


  • 5 weeks from Late May to Late June


  • Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Pompeii, Tuscany, and more!


  • TBD - About $3,100

Krakow, Poland


  • CONE 430 (Engineering Economy)
    Taught by Dr. Janusz Supernak, SDSU
  • CIVE 499 (Transport in Europe)
    Taught by Dr. Janusz Supernak, SDSU
  • GENS 450 (Women in Polish History)
    Taught by a Polish professor in English


  • 5 weeks from Early June to Early July


  • Warsaw, Katowice, Carpathian Mountains, Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt Mine, and more!


  • TBD - About $3,000

Ciudad del Saber, Panama (CANCELLED FOR 2014) 


  • CIVE 465 (Foundations)
    Taught by Dr. Julio Valdes, SDSU
  • CIVE 530 (Open Channel Hydraulics)
    Taught by Tom Zink, SDSU
  • GENS 450 (Women in Panamanian History)
    Taught by Tom Zink, SDSU


  •  3 weeks from Mid July 15 to  Early August (plus one week at SDSU)


  • Panama City, Panama Canal, Isla Mamey, Isla Grande, Isla Taboga, Cerro la Vieja, rain forests, waterfalls, and scuba diving in both the Caribbean and the Pacific!


  • TBD - About $2,500

Bethune, France


  • MGT 456 (Engineering Entreprenuralism)
    Taught by an SDSU professor to be determined
  • GENS 450 (Women in French Culture)
    Taught by Dr. Mary Ann Lyman-Hagar, SDSU


  • 2 weeks from late May to early June, 2014


  • Palace of Versailles, Reims, Compiegne, Pierrefonds, Arras, and Paris!


  • TBD - About $1,000


Contact for Engineering Study Abroad:

Donovan Geiger
Tel: (619) 594-6079



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