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SDSU Events Calendar

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
What Calendar Administrators Need to Know

Q. My unit maintains its own calendar of events, which we publish on our public website. How can I get these events from our local calendar onto Events at State?

A. SDSU colleges, departments and groups are encouraged to submit their events to the SDSU Events Calendar, then technically “consume” those events for publication on their public website through an XML feed.

Q. If I'm entering my unit’s events into Events at State, how do I get them from that calendar to my group’s website?

A. You can publish your group’s events to your website using the calendar’s XML feed.  If you have questions regarding implementing an XML feed for your site, please e-mail

Q. My group is part of a larger organization, and we have our own website. What are our options for publishing events out of the new calendar?

A. If your group is set up in Events at State you can consume an XML feed for your group that will contain all your group's events. If your "parent" organization wants to consume multiple feeds so that all the organizations' events can be published on its site, that is possible as well. For more information, please e-mail

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