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SDSU Events Calendar

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Entering Events

To enter events for your group in the SDSU events calendar, you and the group must have an account. If your group is not listed among the calendar groups, please e-mail

Q. How do events get entered in the SDSU events calendar?

A. Most colleges, departments and groups have designated calendar administrators who are authorized to enter events.  If your organization doesn't have a calendar administrator, please e-mail to make a request.

Q. Can I enter events in a variety of text styles and font sizes?

A. No. The new calendar applies a standard format to event entries, so entries will have a consistent look. A designated calendar super administrator will review the calendar entries regularly and look for any irregularities (for example, using all caps or all lower case in event names and descriptions is discouraged).

Q. Can I include an image with my event entry?

A. Yes. When entering your event, use the Image URL field to link to your image. The image must reside on a public server (you cannot upload or attach the image to your event in the calendar). We suggest using a free and reliable image hosting service such as Flickr, Picassa or Photobucket.  Images should be no larger than 400 pixels wide by 370 pixels high. The file size should be less than 800 KB.

Q. I want to include a map to my event’s location in my event entry. How can I do that?

A. Most locations that have been set up in the calendar have been associated with the building information on SDSU's online campus map. When you select a location and submit the event, the event details in the SDSU Events Calendar will display the location with a live link to building information, including a map.  If the location you need is not in the list of locations, you can use either "none," "see description" or "unknown" as appropriate or e-mail to request a location be added.

More FAQs

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