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SDSU Events Calendar

Sunday, July 21, 2019
General Questions

Q. What type of events should go on the SDSU Events Calendar?

A. All San Diego State University colleges, departments and groups should publish their events on Events at State, which serves as the central source of event information for the campus community.  The university regards the calendar as one of its most important tools for promoting institutional goals such as student engagement, interdisciplinary inquiry and a lively arts presence.

The calendar's main purpose is to highlight campus events but it may also include a limited number of community events that meet the following criteria:

1. The event has been sponsored by SDSU
2. Events must be open to the public
3. Events must be of general interest to the SDSU community

If you still have questions about posting your event, please e-mail

Q. What Web browser should I use to view the calendar?

A. Events at State is best viewed in Firefox 2.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. Internet Explorer 6.0 has limitations, in terms of both the RSS functionality and the administrative interface used to enter events.

Q. How can I search events for exact phrases or exact words?

A. In the advanced search box, put quotes (" ") around the phrase or words.  For example, to search for the phrase Aztecs, enter "Aztecs" and click the search button.  The search results will only return events that contain the exact phrase Aztecs.

Q. How can the SDSU Events Calendar help me promote my group's events?

A. Please e-mail for ideas about how your college, department or group can use Events at State to attract more attention and better attendance for your events.

More FAQs

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