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Natalia Elko (Van Stralen)
Media Relations Specialist
(619) 594-2585
Twitter: @Natalia_SDSU

Beth Chee
Media Relations Manager
(619) 594-4563
Twitter: @bethchee

Greg Block
Chief Communications Officer
Twitter: @SDSU, @blockgreg

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Health Care

Robert L. Seidman: Health economics, healthcare reform and health policy, public health issues, public health workforce and development issues (especially economic aspects), public health informatics, healthcare law

Enrico Marcelli: Health/labor/urban economics, social epidemiology, urban sociology, social demography

Terry Cronan: Prevention as healthcare reform strategy , Health psychology, chronic illness, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, cancer screening, literacy interventions, community psychology


The Economy and economics

Tony Cherin: Financial institutions, financial markets, personal financial planning, the economy, banking, personal finance, stock market, U.S. stock market

Jill Esbenshade: Global Economy, labor and the apparel industry, gender

James Gerber: Border economy, California integration with Mexico, economic reform in Latin America, financial crisis in Latin America, Regional trade agreements


Feature Stories

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San Diego State University is quickly rising on the U.S. News and World Report’s list of America’s Best Colleges.
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Path to Excellence
Mobilizing the expertise of its faculty, SDSU is building new areas of research distinction.

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News provided by SDSU NewsCenter