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Gina Jacobs
Interim Chief Communications Officer
(619) 594-4563 
Twitter: @SDSU@GinaSDSU 

Katie White
Media Relations Officer
(619) 594-2585

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Dan Seiver
Dan  Seiver

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Currencies, foreign currency, hedge funds, investments, monetary policy, U.S. debt, U.S. deficit, U.S. economy, U.S. fiscal policy, world currencies, stock market, interest rates, federal reserve, federal budget, balance of payments, U.S. dollar, Bernanke, toxic assets, unemployment, GDP, recession, depression, international trade, mortgages, employment, bull market, bear market, investing, economy, consumer spending, saving rates, exports, imports, tariffs, Buy American, stimulus, inflation, deflation, price stability, bonds, TIPS, mutual funds, ETFs, money-market mutual funds, online investing, stock scams, Ponzi schemes, SEC, CFTC, healthcare law and the healthcare