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Media Relations Officer
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Greg Block, '95
Chief Communications Officer
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Gender Justice in the Election

Doreen Mattingly: Women's movements, feminism, female candidates, women's work, pay gap


Kim Price: Reproductive rights, reproductive justice, women's health policy, women of color and politics, feminist activism


Ronnee Schreiber: National US electoral  politics, women and politics, women elected officials, conservative women, feminism, women elected officials and media


El Niño Experts

Edward Aguado: The El Niño effect, Earth’s physical environment, weather and climate, severe weather, global climate change, regional climatology, precipitation and hydrology of western U.S. mountains


Matt Edwards: Impacts of El Niño, marine ecology, scale-dependent regulation of subtidal kelp forests


Eric Frost: Damage from El Niño, providing support to those effected by destructive weather patterns, SimTable El Niño simulation software


Kevin Hovel: Spiny lobster behavior, survival, and population dynamics in southern California; the effects El Nino would likely have on spiny lobsters, El Nino’s effect on water temperature and currents  

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