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San Diego State University


Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements



Generally, this petition is used to request an exception of specific requirements stated in the Graduate Bulletin. These may include substitution of core (required) courses, extension of incompletes, excess units taken through Extended Studies' Open University, using prior year's Graduate Bulletin requirements and transfer courses from another university replacing core (required) courses. The petition must be signed and supported by the graduate adviser. A letter of support may accompany the petition if extensive explanation is required, but the letter is not necessary for most requests.


If the student is submitting their Official Program of Study at the same time, the petition must be included. After the petition is submitted to the Graduate Division, the Associate Graduate Dean will make the final decision. Both the student and Graduate Adviser will receive notification of the Dean's decision.


At times, it is necessary for the Dean to take these petitions to the Graduate Council for final review prior to determination.


Expected processing time: 2 weeks


Please check your WebPortal for updates to your student records.


Download "Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements" form here.