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Sample Application 

 About You

  1. Team Name


  1. Team general information. Please include the full name, email address, college, major, and expected graduation date of each student and team member. Indicate which team members are students, faculty, staff, or none of the above.

Seth Neal
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Major
Freshman (Expected Graduation 2020)
Jane Doe
College of PSFA
Sophomore (Exp. Graduation 2019

  1. Are you applying as a commercial enterprise, social enterprise, or are you unclear?  


  1. My Relationship to SDSU is



  1. What problem are you trying to solve? Note: Please explain from the point of view of the customer/user.

Customers often struggle to find a soccer cleat that fits them well. Consequently, many players suffer from foot and ankle pain due to ill-fitting footwear.

In addition, many players can’t find cleats that both look and feel good. As a result, some players will choose an ill-fitting cleat because they like the look of it, and because it’s not available in different shapes (for example, they don’t come in wide sizes).

  1. Who is the customer/user?

  1. Our target market is active soccer players who suffer from foot, ankle or knee pain

  2. Our secondary market is anyone who wants to customize the look of their cleat while experiencing an unparalleled fit.

  3. Our expanded market is anyone interested in a customized fit and designed sports or protective products


  1. Solution

We will provide a custom cleat that will be designed and manufactured using state of the art rapid manufacturing techniques that include 3D scanning and printing. Recent advances in these technologies mean that a company can start manufacturing products for less than $100k startup costs for machines.

The problem that we’re solving can be found in other markets such as:

Any product that requires a customized, physical fit to a person.

Once we establish a system that can cost effectively provide custom footwear, we can expand to other sports related products such as baseball/football helmets, hockey skates, track shoes, golf clubs, knee and elbow pads, personal protective equipment (safety glasses, hard-hats) etc.

  1. Have you talked to potential customers about your solution


  1. If you answered "yes" to the above question, briefly tell us what feedback you received and what you have learned from these customer interviews.

We interviewed soccer players who were out playing at the local parks and in local leagues.

A lot of customers complained about how their shoe fits and expressed  a desire for a shoe more customized to their feet.

Competitive Positioning

  1. Competitor 1

3D Printed Shoes: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and New Balance are all making 3D printed shoes; however this has not yet extended into the realm of soccer cleats. They have currently only created custom designed spikes for track runners. We can differentiate ourselves by being the first company that offer these unique services. We hope to install kiosks in malls and sports stores that establish ourselves as the go-to company for custom cleats.

  1. Competitor 2

Traditional soccer shoe manufacturers: Nike, Adidas, Pumas, and others offer a variety of different shoe styles and fits which vary in quality based on price. Yet, many players struggle to find a style or make that provides long lasting  comfort for several hours of playing. Our product would allow a customized sole that fits any shape/size foot. Also, many players have trouble finding a soccer shoe that looks good AND fits well. With our system, a customer could first pick a visual style and, then, modify that style to fit their feet.

  1. Competitor 3

Customized soccer cleats from major manufacturers: Nike and Adidas both offer customization of soccer cleats via their online stores. However, this customization includes a limited selection of sizes (for example, you cannot order a wide-size shoe). Fortunately, the high price point ($350 for nike) indicates that customers are willing to pay for a customized look. If we combine custom look with a custom fit, we believe we can charge a premium for our first generation products.

  1. Competitor 4

Shock-Doctor and Superfeet: These two companies attempt to tackle foot pain and instability problems associated with sports/soccer shoes. However, the efficacy of these products is constrained by the minimal design of most soccer cleats - there simply isn’t room for a comfortable insert. Our product will have a custom shape designed into the sole of the shoe, eliminating the need for an extra insert. Also, inserts can’t help a customer fit in cleats that are the wrong shape for their foot, so only a percentage of the market is able to use inserts effectively. Our product would apply to any player regardless of foot shape.

  1. Competitor 5

Custom Orthotics: Unlike with running or walking shoes, orthotics are traditionally difficult to include in soccer cleats because of the minimalistic design of soccer cleats. This design often leaves little or no room for typical orthotics. Also, a custom orthotic may cost several hundred dollars.

Revenue Generation

  1. What are the primary ways in which your solution will generate revenue

Direct sales via website

Partnerships with different channels like sporting good store and athletic teams.


  1. What are your expectations for joining ZIP Launchpad

Our team hopes to join the ZIP Launchpad so that we may gain access to prototyping tools, allowing us to create a viable product. In addition, we also look forward to receiving mentorship and coaching from staff and working in an office space where we can focus on our ideas and meet consistently.

  1. Can you attend the mandatory presentation workshop on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 from 1:30-2:30pm?

I confirm

  1. Will you be available to attend a dry-run session on Friday, July 29, 2016 between 11:00am-3:00pm?

I confirm

  1. Please confirm that you will be able to attend the finalist presentation, which will take place on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 between 1:30-3:30.

I confirm

  1. Please confirm that you will be able to attend all Experience-Track workshops every Friday from 11:00-3:00 pm of the Fall semester starting on October 7th, 2016. Your attendance will be required at other events to be determined in the Fall semester.

I confirm

Referrals and Other Info

  1. How did you initially hear about ZIP Launchpad?


  1. If you were referred by a student, staff or ZIP Launchpad team, please insert their name(s).

Referred by Professor Sloan

  1. What events did you attend to get help on your application

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  1. What ZIP Launchpad events have you attended?


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