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San Diego State University

What is E-Track

The Experience Track (E-track) is an intensive 8 to 10 week experience based cohort program designed to challenge a startup’s key assumptions. Teams will participate in hands-on workshops that build empathy with customers, validate key assumptions about the problem and solution while laying the foundation for a scalable business.

Congratulations to our 2016 E-Track Graduates


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 E-Track Fall 2016 Graduates


Team Member

Alimination    Alim Khan
Chippr App Carlos  Hernandez
Sidao Li
Fit Duel Tyler Davis
Parker Vance
Gregory Bunch
GreatDef Marc Perez
Michael O'Leary
HonestGov Andrea Mitchell
Order Bot Alex Jones
Palmline Speakers Austin Wulf
Logan Gonzalves
Persona Monique Offord
Pocket Posture Stephane Voitzwinkler
Daniel Voelker
Quaverly Kyle Norquist
Recyclinator Cassandra O'Shea
Jordan Custodia
Sean Bennett
Matthew Penning
Swift Change Andre Hale
Tool^3 Freddy Smith
Jesus Perez
WellWare Joshua Munoz