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San Diego State University

ZIP Launchpad Pitch Training

Application Process

The entire admission can take up to a month depending on how soon we can schedule meetings and you can provide your application and power point presentation.

Step 1: Fill out an application online. 

Step 2: Once we review your idea, we will meet to review your idea. 

Step 3: Create a power point presentation using the outline below. 


Presentation Guidelines

You will have 20 minutes to present to the admission committee. Your presentation will be 10 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A. You will work with Omar Miyazaki to ensure your presentation is ready. Follow the slides below to create your presentation. 

  • Problem Slide: What problem are you solving?
  • Solution Slide: What is your solution (your product/service)?
  • Customer Slide: Who benefits from solving problem?
  • Management Team Slide: Who is in your team?
  • Competition Slide: What does the competitive landscape look like?
  • Underlying Magic Slide: What makes you unique?
  • Canvas Slide: The canvas is a graphical representation used to explain you company. If you do not know how to use one read the first 70 pages of the Business Model Generation found free online. Make sure to use the business model canvas from this book and not any other variation
  • Milestones Slide: What is your stage of development?
  • What would like to get from Zahn Innovation Center?


Step 4: Present to the admission Committee.

If you have any questions regarding the process email Gebriela Birhane at

Launch your Startup this Spring!

Application open from
November 14th - February 5th @ 11:59pm