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San Diego State University


The ZIP Launchpad presents the "Thinking Outside the Potato" 2016 Challenge intended to inspire SDSU students in a fun and thoughtful manner to innovate.  Students will apply innovation, technology and creativity to transform Mr/Mrs Poato Head into a tool, device, accessory, art or something that connects to products in your every day life. 


  1.  Applicants must be an active SDSU student in Fall of 2016

  2.  All majors welcomed

  3.  Teams may be comprised of 1 or more - all members must be SDSU students.

  4.  Applicants must attend a ZIP LAUNCHPAD MAKEFEST event or HG FENTON COMPANY IDEA LAB OFFICE HOURS to be eligible to apply (see for schedule of events)

  5.  One Mr/Mrs Potato Head will be provided to teams attending a MAKEFEST (supplies limited) This can be picked up from the ZIP Launchpad at any point during the semester. Email with questions. 

  6.  Submission must utilize the rapid prototyping tools found in the ZIP LAUNCHPAD including the HG FENTON COMPANY IDEA LAB.

  7. Current and past ZIP Launchpad teams and applicants are able to apply as well

  8. May use up to 2 Mr/Mrs Potato Heads

  9.  No more than one application per team

  10.  Mr/Mrs Potato Head may be altered but must remain recognizable as Mr Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head

  11.  All submissions should be in good taste and aligned with SDSU's code of conduct


Photos from the Event