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San Diego State University

Housing Administration and Residential Education

Living Communities

Living Communities

"Out-of-classroom" experiences to help students succeed both academically and socially.

This holistic approach governs educational and social programming in each living community.

Communities provide additional resources to residents in these programs.

Residential Learning Communities

Residential learning communities link the living environment with specific academic experiences, helping first-time freshmen students make connections between life inside and outside the classroom.

Students are enrolled in a set of connected academic courses with other first-year students in their living community.

SDSU has a wide variety of residential learning communities, find the one that's right for you!

Space in these programs is limited.

Participation Agreements are required for all residential learning communities and completed upon arrival to SDSU.

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Thematic Living Communities

Thematic living communities focus on a particular area of interest, like Aztec Journey: Sophomore & Transfer Student Communities or Global Pathways.

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Lifestyle Options

Lifestyle options are floors or wings designated for a particular lifestyle or housing preference, such as extended quiet study or housing over the breaks.

Students may select from one of these living communities or may simply make a preference of room type without selecting a theme or lifestyle area.

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