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San Diego State University

Housing Administration and Residential Education

Residential Internet Connectivity


We provide dedicated computer support for the student residence halls. Our services include troubleshooting Internet connections, software installation, virus removal and more. We are located in Olmeca Hall.

SDSU residence halls are wireless (Name or SSID: SDSU_Wireless); we do not offer any hard-wired connections. You can purchase wireless cards from the SDSU Bookstore (call for availablity first at 619-594-7522), or Fry's.

For Zaptotec, Tarastec and Toltec Apartments, we have provided COX cable box wifi enabled. Please find the Name or SSID on the back of the cable box and connect your devices to that exact SSID (DDW365-*****) and enter the Password Key that you can find on the same label on the back of the box.

For Smart TV, Xbox, Playstation, Ruku, Apple TV make sure you connect the device to the SDSU_Wireless, wait for a couple minutes and then restart the device, it should be automatically connected to Internet. If you have problem connecting, please fill out the below form, it will take up to 2-3 days before your device get activated and you may need to reboot your device after activation. 

Request Device Activation

*For printers, please purchase USB cable, we dont activate them. 

Computer Trouble?

Before contacting RezCon about your Internet connection, please try the following:

1. You may not be connected to the AP closest to you; disconnect from SDSU_Wireless and reconnect.
2. Make sure you do not have any interference from a microwave, television, etc.
3. Run a full scan with your antivirus program to make sure you do not have a virus.

Report Wireless Network Problem

Network Policies

Please read the network policies. Violating these terms can cause a $150 reconnect fee and termination of the Internet. Illegal downloading of copyrighted material using programs such as BitTorrent, MyTunes, Limewire, uTorrent, etc., is against SDSU policy. Here is a link to the Acceptable Use Policy for the residence halls: Policy Guidlines.

Office Hours and contact Info or call us at: 619.609.7378.
Wednesdays: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Friday: 2:00PM-6:00PM
We are located at RezCon office, Olmeca Hall, 1st floor.

Network Update:

Go to for the latest network update.