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San Diego State University

Diversity Starts Here

About the Design

Truly learning about the unique characteristics of someone requires taking time to understand what is inside of them. Limited views of one's external qualities only tell part of the story. The SDSU Diversity Award embraces the complexities associated with exploring the multiple dimensions of identity, culture, and lifestyle. by taking new paths, opening unfamiliar doors, and building new relationship, we learn more about others as well as ourselves. We reflect on our journey with an appreciation for the rich diversity of our planet.

•The bamboo wood exterior. The fastest growing woody plant in the world symbolizes SDSU's global reach and commitment to the environment.

•The steel sphere, an enduring substance, represents diversity as strength. Positioned at the core of San Diego State University, values and shared vision including a commitment to diversity and social justice. Each sphere is unique in appearance like the individuals or organizations who recieve them.

•The element of interactivity - There is more to a person than what we initially see. Opening the cube, we learn more about what is on the inside adn the virtuous qualities embodied by the recipients.

•The production - SDSU Sign Shop, using a computer controlled laser, personalized each award exterior and interior.

About the Designers

Lyubov Klimova, (Graphic Designer) and Reuben Foat, (Woodwork) created the design under the guidance of Gary Benzel and Matthew Herbert.

Reuben Foat is an artist/ furniture maker who grew up in a little town outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since getting his Bachelor of Science degree in art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 2005, Reuben has worked in London, England as a cabinet maker and in the Milwaukee area as a furniture restorer. Just before coming to San Diego in the fall of 2009 to begin his Master of Fine Art degree as San Diego State University, he worked in Rockport Maine as a facilities manager and teacher at the CEnter fro Furniture Craftsmanship. Reuben enjoys the process of designing and making unique wooden objects and has recently begun using CNC (computer numerical controlled) technology in his own work. SDSU's commitment ot cutting edge technology in the classroom is one of the many reasons why Reuben was drawn to the Furniture Design program here. As one of the designers of the Diversity Award, the use of CNC technology was an integral part of the process of its fabrication.

Lyubov Klimova is a graphic designer graduate student at San Diego State University. She was born and raised in Novokuznetsk, Russia. After immigrating to the United States, Lyubov earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design. To further her education, she entered the graphic design graduate program at San Diego State University. Her current work focuses on authority figures and designs role in creating the illusion of influence. Lyubov practices many forms of art and design, including handmade books, painting, and modern computer-based design.