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San Diego State University

Diversity Starts Here

Diversity Equity and Outreach Committee 

DEO Membership (20): nine faculty, one of whom shall chair, including one from each college, the Library, and the Imperial Valley Campus, at least one of whom shall be a senator; two students, including a representative from the Associated Students Council; one staff representative; the director of Enrollment Services or designee; the director of the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance; the Chief Diversity Officer; the chair of the Senate or designee; the provost or designee; the vice president for Student Affairs or designee; the dean of Undergraduate Studies or designee; and the director of the Center for Human Resources or designee.

The appointed faculty members shall serve three-year, staggered terms.

Membership on the committee shall include representation from diverse campus groups.

The chair of the committee, in consultation with the president, may request the service and advice of educational and community leaders.

The committee shall report to the Senate and advise the president.

Review of university-wide programs for the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students.

Subject to the approval of the president, the committee advises the university administration regarding prohibited discrimination, equal opportunity, outreach, and related matters.

The duties of the committee include:
•(a) Reviewing the university’s conformity with California State University policies and with legislation on nondiscrimination and equal opportunity in admissions and employment,
•(b) Recommending policies and procedures to recruit students for matriculation and to retain students for graduation,
•(c) Working with Enrollment Services, diverse student organizations, and interested community persons and groups to coordinate activities to enhance the recruitment of diverse students,
•(d) Reviewing and assisting in coordination of programs for advising and mentoring diverse students,
•(e) Assisting departments in reviewing and modifying their curriculum in order to incorporate multicultural materials,
•(f)  Promote faculty and staff involvement in addressing the educational needs of diverse students,
•(g) Disseminating information concerning funding for equity programs within the university,
•(h) Monitoring the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance’s policies, procedures, and outcomes.