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San Diego State University


Luke Wood

Luke Wood 

Luke Wood comes to SDSU bringing strong experience working with Diversity issues and programs.  Luke earned his bachelors degree at Sacramento State University while studying black history and politics and earned his masters degree while emphasizing in higher education. He was heavily involved with student government throughout his time at Sacramento State. 

“I’ve always been concerned with issues of access and equity for students of color in education,” Wood Said.  While an undergraduate student, Luke helped develop two mentoring programs, one of which eventually became institutionalized at the university.  He began his Ph.D. work at Arizona State University concentrating on higher education carrying over his experiences working for outreach and political action groups in Sacramento.

“I always knew I wanted to go into higher education with the goal of eventual being faculty or in administration,” Luke said. “During my undergraduate training, my advisor and I took on a project that looked into the history of and literature regarding black leadership at the university synthesizing all the themes the literature spoke about, and that was a very unique experience.”

One of the community projects Luke worked on was the Maricopa Minority Male Initiative for the largest community college programs in the country. The project looked into the disparity between black males enrolled in community colleges and the low percentile they represent and the rest of the population. “We first looked at what get’s them in the door and then what helps them succeed but I wanted to not only see what helps them stay in college but more importantly what helps them succeed.”

Currently Luke Wood is Assistant Professor, Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education (ARPE) & Interwork Institute and will be an obvious asset to San Diego State University and the SDSU community.