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Faculty Led Programs

Faculty Led Programs

Approval Process | Mandatory Program Leader Training


Faculty-led programs are an integral part of SDSU’s strategic goal to increase the number of students with an international experience. To comply with CSU/SDSU requirements and to ensure program success, all faculty-led programs (FLPs) must be approved by the Office of International Programs (OIP). 

The following are considered to be faculty-led programs:

    • Credit bearing international programs that are part of SDSU courses taking place outside the U.S.-Mexico border region.
    • Non-credit international experiences for students such as field trips, service learning, research, field work, performances, and workshops led or designed by a faculty or staff member.
    • Courses and field trips taking place in the U.S.-Mexican border region that are not run through CES are approved through a separate process. Contact OIP for application form and instructions. 


If you are accompanying, sending, or otherwise facilitating an international experience involving SDSU students please contact OIP for planning guidance and to request approval. 

All programs must be developed in accordance with CSU and SDSU guidelines. Faculty leaders may not select program providers or negotiate student program expenses on their own.  


Approval Process

Proposals will be evaluated with input from OIP, department heads, college deans, the CES Office of Faculty-Led Programs, and the SDSU Study Abroad Office. Applicants are urged to discuss their proposal and course selection with their department head and college international program (IP) liaison before submitting a proposal to OIP. 

Proposal instructions are available in the RFP.


Faculty Travel Grants

Faculty applying through this process do not need to submit a separate request for OIP travel funds. Approved programs will receive travel funding assistance. Programs run through the College of Extended Studies require a minimum of 15 participants. Programs that meet this requirement will have travel funding  for one instructor. Exceptions to the enrollment requirement may be granted to programs that are limited due to field restrictions or other circumstances.  If this applies to your program you will be able request an exception. Programs that enroll more than 20 students may be eligible to receive travel funding for a second instructor or assistant. Programs that enroll fewer than 15 students may be eligible for partial funding through OIP. 


Funding will be provided for reimbursable travel expenses as stated on the OIP website.

Mandatory Program Leader Training

All faculty and staff accompanying students out of the country will be required, prior to departure, to attend a study abroad program leader training session. The program meets CSU requirements and will cover the following topics:


  • SDSU Emergency Response and Communication Plan 
  • In-country communication plan 
  • University policies on student conduct while abroad
  • Health and safety information
  • Program director’s role and responsibilities
  • How to design a pre-departure orientation for your students
  • Liability issues
  • SDSU Risk Management and Travel Procedures


RSVP here

Additional trainings will be provided throughout the year and will cover program development, marketing and recruitment strategies.

Apply now for all programs taking place in 2020

Proposals are due November 28, 2018

2020 Proposal Timeline 

Proposal Form for NEW Faculty Led International Experience (includes detailed instructions)


If you proposed a program in 2019 and would like to repeat the experience contact for instructions. 


Printable Version of the Proposal Form 

CES Program Development Timeline for 2020

Travel Companion Guidlines & Disclosure form


Mandatory Program Leader Training

All faculty and staff accompanying students out of the country will be required, prior to departure, to attend a study abroad program leader training session.