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San Diego State University

Office of International Programs

Procedures for grant recipients


Upon return: Complete travel claim

Travel claims are due to OIP within 14 days of return to the U.S. Travelers must use the claim form emailed to them by OIP. 


A completed claim contains the following:

  • Signed claim from
  • Required receipts 
  • Meeting schedule or program itinerary if traveling with students  


Sample claims:


Reimbursement guidelines

Receipts are required for:

  • Airfare 
  • Lodging 
  • Any non-meal expense over $25 


SDSU policy for commercial air travel: 

Coach or any other discounted economy-class fare shall be used whenever ticketing restrictions are reasonable. This applies to all travel (domestic or international, or any combination thereof) regardless of the purpose or fund source. When a traveler prefers to use a higher class than the one authorized for reimbursement, the traveler must pay the incremental cost of the airfare. Additional charges for seat selection within coach are not required and therefore not considered reimbursable expense.

Use of business or first-class or other higher-cost services may be authorized under certain circumstances but must be approved in advance. Please contact OIP for more information if needed. 


Meals and incidentals:

OIP does not pay foreign travel per diem.

Receipts are not required but travelers must keep track of approximately how much is spent on food and incidentals. Incidental purchases over $25 require a receipt.


In accordance with IRS regulations, reimbursements for airfare may be taxable if more than 25% of the trip is deemed to be personal travel. Travelers staying in-country past the end of a study abroad program may submit a business itinerary to justify additional time abroad. 


Please use an on-line currency converter  to convert receipts in foreign currency to USD. The date on the converter must match the date on the receipt. Purchases made with credit cards are reimbursed for the amount (including transaction fees) listed on the billing statement. Both the item receipt and billing statement are required for purchases over $25. 


Use Google Maps or similar to calculate the mileage between home and airport. Include a printout of the directions showing home address and distance with your claim.


Use of Funds:

Funds are for the personal travel expenses of SDSU employees.

The following expenses are not eligible for reimbursement:

  • Trip or health insurance (see FAQ)
  • Personal entertainment
  • Any student expense including but not limited to:
    • Meals
    • Accommodations
    • Entrance into cultural sites
    • Clothing
    • Transportation  


Reimbursements can take 5-6 weeks to process in the summer when volume is high. To ensure prompt payment, turn your claim in as soon as possible and sign up for direct deposit at Accounts Payable. 


Calendar   Within 21 days AFTER return.

Pre-Departure: Required Forms & Approvals

Upon Return: Complete Travel Claim

Upon Return: Submit Travel Report