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Cum Laude

The following individuals are recognized at the
Cum Laude level for their lifetime
contributions of $100,000 to $499,999.

Derek and Shelley Aberle
Thomas E.* and Nancy* Ables
John H. Agle
Richard G. Ahrens*
Dominic J. and Kay Alessio
Javier Francisco Alonso
Patricia and Richard E. Amtower
John P. Anderson*
Helen Gavin Ash*
James H. and Alyce W. Ashcraft
Paula B. and John D. Atkinse
Robert M. and Sari L. Awalt
Ben Bagnas
Allan R.* and Nancy A. Bailey
Laura Baird
Diana J. Barliant* and Nowell C. Wisch
Daniel and Donna Barr
Robert E. Barron
Lizabeth M. and Richard M. Bartell
Arthur E.* and Nancy A. Bartlett
Clifford P. and Mary I. Bee
Michael E. Bertolino
Betty J. Brock Beyster and J. Robert Beyster*
Mary Ann Beyster
Victor E. Bianchini
Darcy C. and Robert W. Bingham
Laurie J. Black
Beverly* and David D.* Blair
Edward W. Blessing and Kalita Beck Blessing
William R. Bradley
Frank R. Brazda
Bob* and Lillie* Breitbard
Barbara Brockhouse*
Julia R. Brown
Marguerite Brydegaard*
Shirley M. Bunker*
Sharon P. and Gerald Burgreen
Gay G. Burns
John Busch
Gary Cady
Beth E. Callender and Pete Garcia-Ovies
Carlota Guarana Campbell and Jason T. Campbell
Edward G. and Mary Lee Cannizzaro
Charles and Vickie Capps
Mary Ruth Carleton and Bruce Hunt
Patricia Carlisle
Martin Carlsen*
John W. Carlson*
Deborah Gann Carstens and William Carstens*
J. E. L. Carter
Judy and Tom* Carter
Allen H.* and Nancy S.* Center
Edith B. and Kevin Choi
C. Ben* and Kathee M. Christensen
Samuel M. Ciccati
Louise M. Clark*
James W. and Margaret A.* Cobble
Dorothy H. and George H. Codling
Adelia A. and Ronald D.* Coffman
Theodore J.* and Jean W.* Cohn
Richard Collins
Sharon E. and Timothy M. Considine
Lee A. Coogan and Michael Schreiner*
Michelle Coslik
Alexander J. and Kathleen Cota
James E.* and Mary P.* Crouch
Dennis S. and Janet M. Cruzan
Michael R. Cunningham
Joan F. Curry
Marjorie and Stephen Cushman
Richard O. Dalbey
Allan C.* and Janet T.* Dale
Janet E. and Thomas E. Darcy
Adele L. and Thomas M. Davies Jr.
Brita Colburn Davis and Richard R.* Davis
Kathie A. and Peter Davis
Steven and Karen Davis
Adela de la Torre and Stephen A. Bartlett
Ann B. and Jose L. De La Torre
George Dell
Marlene M. DeMers
Gene Dente
Norman F.* and Marydale M. Dessel
Joanne D. and Glenn A. Dethloff
Deborah M. Dexter
Scott and Shara DiValerio
Margaret M. Dickey
Julie Dillon and James A. Roberts
Craig D. Dingwall
Barbara and Rodger Dishong
Robert L.* and Hilda M.* Dodge
Ryan P. and Janelle Donovan
David W. and Patricia Down
Stephen P. and Lynne Doyle
Jerry and Marsha Dressel
David Du
Joyce A. and Stephen J. Duich
Alan M. Dulgeroff
Charles and Sharon Dunn
Lester D. Earnest
Roland W. and Eveyln* Eddy
Harrison Ellenshaw
Jennie L. Elliott*
Dan and Phyllis Epstein
Scott C. Erreca
Andrew and Karen Esparza
Oliva M. Espin
Debra and William Fanning Jr.
Marshall Faulk
Danah H. Fayman*
Dennis M. and Linda M. Fenton
Diane I. and Elliot Feurstein
Vivian C. Finch
Allyn and Carol Forsyth
Foster's Post Trust
Gregory A. and Elisabeth Fowler
Leslie A.* and Nicholas L.* Frazee
Leonard Friedman*
Elaine and Murray L.* Galinson
Elaine Galinson and Herbert J. Solomon
Elizabeth A. Galligan*
Bill and Judy Garrett
Edith V. Garrett*
Joyce M. Gattas
David L. George*
Amy and Bill K. Geppert
G'Angela Gerilyn
Arthur and Judy* Getis
Jeanne S. Ghilbert*
James H. Givens
Ray E. Glass Jr.
John D. and Dianne J. Goddard
Jeffrey M. Goodall Sr.
Joel L. Goodman
Kenneth C. Gott
Joe Gregorio
Debra A. Greenfield
Camille Abbott Gurevitch
Karlene and Walter C. Gutjahr Jr.
Bill Habeger
Justin Halenza
Barbara and Donald Halte
Herta Hamber Trust
Fred W. Hammond
Thomas F. Hanchett
Chris Hansen
Catherine L. and Scott A. Harman
Gilbert A. Harrison
Jack B. Hart Jr.
Laura J. Hart
Michael J. and Cindy Hartell
Elaine and William Hartleb
Barbara and Jim Hartung
Harlan J. Hayden*
William E. Hazen*
Carol Slater Hemming
Jesus E. Hernandez*
Everett W. Hesse*
Sarah P. Hillier and Paul J. Strand
Elliot and Jeri Hirshman
Charles W. Hirst
Gary B. Hogue
Brad and Lara Holtzman
Barbara M.* and John M. Hood Jr.
Michael A. Howard
Kaye Hunt*
Jan and Richard Hunter
Hugh C. Hyde*
Linda and Mike Ibe
William G. Irish*
Pamela K. Jackson
Paul E. Jacobs
Stacy Jacobs
Albert W.* and Susan G. Johnson
Brian R. and Diana B. Johnson
Eric S. and Peggy L. Johnson
Helen-May Marcy Johnson*
Suzanne P. Johnson
Frank Jonasson
Gladys F. Jukich*
Ron Jurgensen*
Robert C. and Ranelle Kain
Margo Kasch and L. B. Rickards
Thomas D. Keating
Ruth G. Keen*
Cheryl D. and Ronald H.* Kendrick
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall
Charles G. Kerch*
Richard J. and Lynda Kerr
Kenny Key
Joe E. Kiani
Patrick J. Kilkenny
David* and Donna* Kindig
Aline T. King
Kathryn Kirk-Malters
David W. Kistler Jr.
James R. Kitchen and Sandra Williams
Alfred P. and Diane Knoll
Jim and Madeline M. Koci
Junko Koike*
Kurt Friedrich* and Harriet G. Kopp*
Daniel Kramer
Ure R. and Dianne Kretowicz
Daniel Krummenacher
Jason Kulpa
Michelle A. LaGrandeur
Barry K. and Hema Lall
Linda and Thomas Lang Jr.
Rodney N. Lanthorne
Robert P. Lantz*
Ingeborg I. Lehman*
Wyllis M. and William E.* Leonhard Sr.
Jennifer and Fred* Lewis
Nancy Linck
Francine J. Lipman and James E. Williamson
Stephanie Lo and Benjamin K. Billings
William F. Lucas*
Robert J. Lusitana
H. Joseph Lynch Jr.
William D. Lynch
Joan MacFarlane
Cary P. and Suzy M. Mack
Norman E. and Sivia B. Mann
A. Jeanne Maus*
Kevin A. Mayer
Mark H. Mays
Sinda J. Gregory and Lawrence F. McCaffery
Frank McCarty
Henry* and Ada D.* McCarty
Craig S. McKasson and Tina Castro
Sarah J. McElroy
Thomas P. McElroy
Irene McFarland*
Margaret McKerrow
Dan D. McLeod and Sumi Adachi
Kris W. and James L. McMillan
Louise H. McNally*
William McWilliams
Vencil T. Meades
J. Gordon Melton
David V. and Shannon Menashe
Charles and Kathleen Mendenhall
Keith L. and Kimberly Mendoza
Tennes A. Moe*
Gracia Molina de Pick
Rebecca E. Moore and Fielding M. McGehee
Jennifer Moores
John Moores, Jr.
Patti Morris*
Francie D. Mortenson
Jane E. Murphy
Monica A. Murphy
Carol H. and Herbert G. Mutter
Mabel A. Myers*
Diana Nadel*
Stuart and Ellen* Naliboff
Gail K. Naughton
Merrilee and Michael Neal
James W. and Frances A.* Neel
Barbara and Gregory Nelson
Peter and Helen Neumeyer
Marilyn E. Newhoff
Harriet G. Newmark*
Michael R. Niggli
Luis G. and Rosa B. Nogales
Tosh Nomura*
Vincent R. Okamoto
Steven F. and Ellen Osinski
Ivy O'Sullivan*
Robert J. Parrott and JoAnn Christensen
Norman L. and Judith C. Pasas
Douglas X. and Barbara PatiƱo
Kay Pauling
Betty Peabody
John T. and Mary Sue Pedicini
Michael James Perkins and C. Anne Turhollow
Eva S. and Ralph R. Pesqueira Jr.
Mark E. Peterson*
Randall B. and Kim Peterson
B. James* and Margaret* Polak
Stuart E. Posnock
Scott Pressley
Theresa A. and Ricky A. Price
Chase A. Price
Robert Puccini*
Bessie Purdy*
Marvine M. Quam*
Steven B.* and Deborah A. Quiett
Craig A. Ramseyer
Betty Jo and Michael L. Randall
Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo and John G. Rebelo Jr.
C. Edward Reed
Rick W. and Mary C. Reeder
Bernard E. Revak
Keith Ritchie*
David W. and Kristin Ritterbush
Arthur and Jeannie Rivkin
John W. and Diane Robinson
Paul E. Robinson and Trudy Stambook
Carla Roddy
Dorothy* and Joseph A.* Rodney
John J. Rogers
Marilyn A. Ross*
Marion Ross and Paul Michael*
T. M. Ross*
Anne L. Rosser
Glenn and Lynne Rossman
Ralph and Dione Rubio
Paul E.* and Ruby K. Ruhling
Marlene S. and Ronald J. Ruiz
Bill* and Peggy Ruzich
Paul A. Sager and Natalie Venezia
Jerome M. Sattler
Michele Schlecht
Barbara Moore Schuch* and Frank B. Schuch*
William H. and Kathryn A. Scripps
Richard and Susan Seiler
Francoise and Salim Shah
Peter J. Shaw
Thomas Shepherd*
Jason Shidler
Stephen L. and Laural Sledge
Janet R. Sloan*
Larry K. and Judith A. Sowder
Thomas Spruance
Virginia Smith Richardson
Michael P. Rizzo Jr.
John A. and Charlotte M. Russell
Gregory J. and Arlette Smith
Jeffrey A. and Wendy Smith
Delton R. Smyth*
Mark A. Snell
Beatrice Starr Sokol*
Herbert J. and Elene* Solomon
Mary Ellen Sousa-Hiner
Dean and Susie Spanos
Matt Spathas
Camille H. Speer*
Thomas A. Spencer
Christine Springston*
Robert T.* and Frances H.* Sprouse
Kevin B. Staff
Mike and Pamela Stafford
Foster Stanback
Gerald M. Starek
Dave and Linda Stecher
Craig T. Stevens
Nancy M. Carmichael and Charles J. Stewart
Albert Storts*
Rachel Lyn Lackey and Stephen J. Strasburg
Daniel L. and Kathryn B. Sullivan
George A. and Judith A. Sunga
Robert Svet*
Ruth W. Sweeney*
George M.* and Judith Rae Swift
Kurt Sylvia
Li-Pin and Lily Tan
JoAnn* and J. L.* Tanzer
Carol W. Thomas
Carol Thorsnes
Michael T. Thorsnes
William G. Tong
Ariss Treat*
Marian K. and Walter A.* Turner Jr.
Kenneth G. and Joyce Ulrich
Gianangelo Vergani and Lois Hobbs*
David L. and Rebecca J. Vigil
William R. Wade
Dale and Deborah Walker
Dorsha Wallman*
Bruce D. and Margo Walsh
Nancy and Bruce Ward
Phillip A. and Margaret A.* Ward
George* and Ruth Warwick
Edwin A. Watkins*
Robert J. and Margaret T. Watkins
Lauretta S. Wenc*
Thomas L.* and Akiko* Wendelmoot
Daniel M. Whitaker
Ulla Lotta Wiik-Lambert and Robert Lambert*
Brent R. and Gina Wilkes
Denise M. and Ronald Williamson
Beulah J.* and John H.* Wills
R. Dennis Wise
The Ellen G. & Edward G. Wong Family Foundation
Mario L. and Susie Woo
Henry N. Wood*
Amy J. Wormser*
Alice and Charles E. Wylie
Bill and Chutaphin Yeager
Cheryl and Rudy Zavalani
Mary Ellen Trainor Zemeckis*
Diane E. and Robert Zeps


The following corporations and foundations are
recognized at the Cum Laude level for their
total contributions of $100,000 to $499,999.

Agouron/Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Alvarado Hospital Medical Center
American Honda Foundation
AMN Healthcare, Inc.
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Andrus Family Fund
Apple Computer, Inc.
Archstone Foundation
ARCO Products
ARGUS Financial Software
Associated General Contractors
Balfour Beatty Construction
Bank of America
Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino
Berg Electric Corp.
Boeing Company
Brandt Company
Bully's East Restaurant
CA Restaurant Association San Diego County Chapter
CACI Incorporated
California Bank & Trust
California Health Care Foundation
California Wellness Foundation
Carnegie Foundation
CBT Systems
ChevronTexaco Products Company
Clark Construction Group, LLC
The Clorox Company
Conexant Systems, Inc.
Continuous Computing Corporation
Cornerstone Communities Corp.
DDH Enterprises, Inc.
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
DJO Global, Inc.
Doris A. Howell Foundation
Dr. Seuss Foundation
Duane Morris LLP
Eastman Kodak Company Contributions
Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Association
Erreca Associates, LLC
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
ExxonMobil Corporation
Frazee Paint
Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids
H.G. Fenton Company
Harper Construction Company
Harris Corporation
Helen Freedman Family Living Trust
Helen K. & James S. Copley Foundation
Herman Frasch Foundation
Hilton Hotel San Diego Mission Valley
Hughes Electronics Corporation
IBM Corporation
Illumina, Inc.
Inamori Foundation
International Community Foundation
J.D. Bud and Vonda Webb Foundation
Jessie Klicka Foundation
John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc.
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Kabcenell Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Klein Buendel, Inc.
Kyocera International, Inc.
Land of the Free Foundation
Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Lipp Family Foundation
Lockheed Corporation
Manchester Grand Hyatt
Maurice J. Masserini Trust
Microsoft Corporation
Mission Federal Credit Union
Mission Janitorial Supplies
Mobil Foundation Inc.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
MRC Smart Technology Solutions
NextGen Aeronautics
Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Oh The Places You'll Go!
O.P. & W.E. Edwards Foundation
Palomar Pomerado Health System
Paradise Valley Hospital
Passion Planner, LLC
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company
Pfizer Inc.
Platinum Equity
Poetry Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
PURE Bioscience
Quantum Design
Raymond James
Real World Academics, LLC
Rick Engineering Company
Rockley Family Foundation
San Diego Bowl Game Association, Inc
San Diego Chargers
San Diego International Sports Council
San Diego Padres
SBC Global
Schlumberger GeoQuest
Scripps Mercy Hospital
SDSU Women's Association
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
Solar Turbines, Inc.
Sony Electronics, Inc.
SRI International
Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.
Surdna Foundation, Inc.
Telesis Foundation
Tenet Healthcare Corporation
TeraBurst Networks, Inc.
The Alavi Foundation
The Alex Smith Foundation
The Barratt Group
The Blasker-Rose-Miah Fund
The Bradley Foundation
The Century Club of San Diego
The Chicago Community Trust
The Elliott Family Revocable Trust
The Fieldstone Foundation
The Gary and Mary West Foundation
The Karakin Foundation
The Leichtag Family Foundation
The MBK Foundation
The Parker Foundation
The Peacemakers Fund at The San Diego Foundation
The R. C. Baker Foundation
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Torrey Pines Bank
Toshiba American Incorporated
Tri-City Medical Center
US Air
US Bank
VeriBest, Inc.
Viejas Enterprises
W.T. Grant Foundation
Wal-Mart Foundation
Walton Family Foundation Inc.
Whitaker Foundation
Wilf Family Foundation