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Summa Cum Laude

The following individuals are recognized at the
Summa Cum Laude level for their lifetime
contributions of $1,000,000 or more.

Amy and Robert P. Abramson
John R. Adams*
Terry L. Atkinson
Arthur R.* and Joan C. Barron
J. Keith Behner and Catherine M. Stiefel
Steve Black
Nhung Lu and Theodore W.* Booth
Eugene* and Barbara* Bowman
William and Karen Brack
Norman* and Toni Brinker
Glen M. and Betty L. Broom
C. Terry and Charlene Brown
James Silberrad Brown and Marilyn Creson Brown
Malin and Roberta Burnham
Dorothy, Louis F., and Ruth Anna Cable
Phillips L. Claud Jr.*
Benjamin G. and Nicole A. Clay
William E. and Bonnie Cole
Patrick H. Conway*
Dennis E. and Susan A. Cook
Carol Lamden-Corby and Randy Corby
Charles H. Cotton* and Henry C. Metzger*
Frank A. Cuenca
Mary A. Curran
Mark* and Nora Dawson
Robert DeKoven
Diane D. and Neal Denkler
Jack R.* and Jane E.* Filanc
Joseph J. Fisch and Joyce E. Axelrod
Patricia W.* and Bruce A. Fischer
Art L. and Gwen Flaming
Alexis A. and Ron L. Fowler
Jeffery W. Glazer and Lisa S. Braun-Glazer
Alan D. and Debbie L. Gold
Frank and Lee Goldberg
Thomas and Donna Bergelis Golich
Mary E.* and Jack W. Goodall Jr.
Harold B. Grant*
Paul Geoffrey Greenberg
Daniel L. Gross
Fred G. Henry* and Helen McGregor
Jack K. Heilbron and Mary Limoges
Christy and William Barron Hilton Jr.
Charles W.* and Chinyeh Hostler
Irwin M. and Joan K. Jacobs
Jeffrey A. Jacobs
Henry L.* and Marjorie T.* Janssen
Kate and William Jeffery III
Rulon C. Jenson
A. K. Jones and Raymond Sabin*
Charmaine* and Maurice C.* Kaplan
Conrad Klement*
Donald T. Knight
Charles W.* and Gertrude M.* Lamden
William E. and Evelyn M. Lamden
Robert E. Lando*
Jo Ann Lane
Leonard H.* and Bernice E.* Lavin
William E. Leonhard Jr.
Wayne E.* and Mary Beitler Leutloff
Mianjun Li
Mark I. and M. J. Linsky
Bernard* and Dorris* Lipinsky
Elaine Lipinsky*
Jeffrey and Sheila Lipinsky
Matt and Diane Gage Lofgren
Charles S.* and Robin B. Luby
Britt M. Lundberg*
Elaine K. MacFadyen and Norman Polonsky*
Betsy Manchester
Doug Manchester
Edward E. Marsh
James A. and Deborah D. Marshall
Stephen Mather
Terry M. and Esther C. Maxey
Patricia C.* and Robert M.* McCuen
Jack R. McGrory
Alfred H. McLeod*
Mark and C'Ann McMillin
Scott M. and Susan McMillin
Albert F. and Carol S. Meier
Barbara Meyers*
James L. Mohatt*
Becky Moores
John J. and Dianne Moores
James B. and Susan F. Morris
Mike and Chris Pack
Leon and Barbara Parma
L. Robert and Patricia L. Payne
Lawrence W. and Madeline Petersen
Pickrell Family - Allison, Melanie, & Floyd
Christine F. and Frederick W. Pierce IV
Bruce E. Porteous*
Don Powell*
Conrad Prebys*
Allison and Robert Price
Sol* and Helen* Price
Monte and Paula Reed
Richard and Selma Reed
David M. and Brenda C. Rickey
Patricia L. Roscoe
M. Scott and Susan R. Salka
David B. Sayres
Gordon and Janis Shackelford
Donald P.* and Darlene V. Shiley
Nua A. and Michael Shores
Christopher D. and Karen Sickels
Bill and Robin Sinclair
Janet and Jim Sinegal
Dwight E.* and Fern S.* Stanford
David R. Stepsay*
John W. Terhune*
Robert S. Tortora and Belinda Vasquez
Bruce Urquhart and Jacque Clayton
William R. Wade
The Dr. Gary D. and Barbara Lynne Waer Trust
Carey Gail Wall
G. Pitt* and Virginia R.* Warner
Lawrence A. Willens
Floyd* and Mary S. Willette
Jackson L. and Elizabeth A. Williams
John and Jane Wills
Donald G. Wilson*
Bonnie S. Zimmerman


The following corporations and foundations are
recognized at the Summa Cum Laude level for their
total contributions of $1,000,000 or more.

Alliance Healthcare Foundation
ARCS Foundation Inc.
Atlas Hotels Inc.
Aztec Shops Ltd.
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Bosa Development Corporation
The California Endowment
The Chinese Language Council International
Cipher Data Products Inc.
The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Cymer Inc.
Daisy Systems Corporation
Fred J. Hansen Foundation
Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Hervey Family Fund at the San Diego Foundation
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
The James Irvine Foundation
Japan Foundation
James Hervey Johnson Trust
Luckey Ranch LLC
Mentor Graphics
Price Philanthropies Foundation
QUALCOMM Incorporated
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
San Diego Gas and Electric
SDSU Associated Students
Seismic Micro-Technology
Sempra Energy
Sensormatic Corporation
Sharp HealthCare
Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation
The Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Windgate Charitable Foundation