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San Diego State University

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Animal Care and Use Program

San Diego State University (SDSU) is committed to ensuring the humane care and use of all animals associated with its research and teaching programs. Federal laws and policies, such as the federal Animal Welfare Act, regulate the use of animals in teaching and research. The SDSU Animal Care and Use Program meets or exceeds all requirements through oversight by the Office of Laboratory Animal Care and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. The Animal Care and Use Program is housed within Graduate & Research Affairs' Division of Research Affairs. The Vice President for Research is the "Institutional Official" responsible for the SDSU Animal Care and Use Program.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The SDSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a committee of the University Research Council and includes the attending veterinarian, scientists, and community representatives as members. SDSU’s IACUC ensures that all research, testing or educational instruction involving animals is conducted in a humane manner using the fewest number of animals possible to obtain valid results.

Office of Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC)

The primary objective of the SDSU Office of Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC) is to ensure that each animal at the University receives the highest quality of care tailored to its individual needs. The OLAC includes an attending veterinarian board certified in Laboratory Animal Medicine, a vivarium manager, and laboratory animal technicians and caretakers.

The OLAC staff observes animals daily to ensure their health and welfare. The veterinarian serves as a member and consultant to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee on matters relating to animal health and veterinary care. The campus veterinarian participates in reviewing animal studies, performing facility inspections, and assisting in training faculty and students who will be working with animals.

Animal Care Technicians provide daily care for laboratory animals and receive ongoing education offered through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. OLAC provides services and resources needed by investigators to accomplish their animal research objectives and assists in providing training in laboratory animal care and use to technical personnel, students, and faculty.

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Federal Regulations

All SDSU faculty, staff, and students whose research or teaching involves live vertebrate animals in some way, whether in the lab or in the field, must be familiar with and conform to regulations governing these activities. Federal Regulations information.

Animal Use Alternatives and Searches

Animal Use Alternatives and Searches provides information on methods and sources available to reduce, refine or replace animals used in teaching, testing, and research. A fundamental goal of the Animal Welfare Act and the accompanying regulations is the minimization of animal pain and distress via the consideration of alternatives and alternative methods.

Reporting Concerns to the IACUC

Concerns regarding animal care and use at SDSU can be made directly to the IACUC via the Division of Research Affairs at 619-594-5938 or at or through the IACUC Chair at 619-594-0995.

The Campus Veterinarian and/or the Vivarium Manager may also be contacted at 619-594-5421.

For more information click go to Reporting Concerns to the IACUC.