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Saturday, January 25, 2020

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Joshua Barfuss
Moveable Feast
Handshake replaces the Aztec Career Connection.
SDSU Launches New Online Career Platform
Hardy Tower
Online Education Master’s Program Rates High in National Rankings
Register to join SDSU
Join the SDSU Delegation in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
SDSU Imperial Valley student affairs advisor Norma Aguilar and students Tiffani Escalante, Viviann Ceseña and Ana Fernanda Lizarraga volunteering at meal service.Photo: Maribel Padilla for Brown Bag Coalition
Spirit of Giving: Serving the Homeless in Calexico
Junior political science major Neyla Buil Macarty is one of eight SDSU students to receive a Gilman Scholarship for 2020.
Eight SDSU Students Earn Gilman Scholarships
SDSU Adapted Athletics
WATCH: SDSU Adapted Athletics Making History
Taliane Elobo
Seizing the Opportunity
Faheem Eissar (left) in Afghanistan with the rug she wove to hor the education Eesa Ahmadi (right) received from SDSU.
Threads of Grace: A Story of Survival
Counseling and School Psychology Professor Tonika Green
Motivated to Mentorship
From left to right: Elisa East; SDSU students Shaun Drobeck, Steve Malolepszy and Richard Guilfoyle; Brittany Field
Boeing Supports Troops to Engineers Program with $100,000 Gift
Hepner Hall (Photo: Jim Brady)
SDSU Announces Five Proposed Strategic Priorities