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Mapping Damage from Above
SDSU geography professor Doug Stow is harnessing the power of drones and other light aircrafts to determine the extent of damage after a disaster.
A Mexican child
Studying the Rise in Child Migrants
Youth migration is changing definitions of childhood.
Yan Wei Lim
Top 10 Science and Research Stories of 2014
SDSU scientists and researchers made numerous contributions to their fields this year.
Participants of the Sage Project in action.
Painting the Town Green
A remodel for National City? SDSU is on it.
A video showcasing their historical precipitation data.
Weather History Time Machine
A program allows researchers to look back in time to see how precipitation across the globe contributed to major weather events.
Ming Tsou
Going Viral with Emergency Warnings
SDSU is teaming up with San Diego County to put viral messaging research into practice with a new Twitter-based emergency warning system.
An idea map can show the semantic similarities between millions of biomedical journal articles, giving a quick overview of the field.
Mapping Big Data
A new center at SDSU makes it possible to visualize the connections between diverse sets of data.
Students in class
SDSU Offers New Majors, Minors and Courses
SDSU welcomes students back to class with a variety of new courses, majors and minors.
Pascale Joassart-Marcelli
New Course Provides Hands-On Research Experience
The course teaches students about the local food environment and its effects.
College of Arts and Letters
New Faculty - College of Arts and Letters
The College of Arts and Letters will welcome nine new faculty members.
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