Friday, February 12, 2016

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"Vaping" has surpassed "e-cigarettes" as the term of choice among Internet searchers.
Internet Searches Reflect Vaping’s Surge
Cigarette smoke leaves behind "thirdhand smoke," a harmful, lingering residue.
Extinguishing Thirdhand Smoke
SDSU psychologist Inna Fishman investigates the early neural signatures of autism during childhood brain development.
Searching for Early Signs of Autism
Manal Swairjo is trying to figure out the inner workings of transfer RNA.
Crystallizing the Mysteries of the Cell
Water fauces leaking into ocean
Plugging the Leaks
If academia takes on a large role in early-stage drug development, Roland Wolkowicz argues, drug developers can usher more drugs into clinical trials.
Saving Endangered Drugs
Mieko Hirabayashi, a graduate student in Kassegne’s lab
Renewed Hope for the Brain-injured
SDSU investigators found that flies with a double-mutation in their myosin protein had better protein function than those with a single mutation.
Two Mutations Are Better than One
SDSU biologists have discovered bacteriophages have a unique way of hunting prey.
The Phage is a Lonely Hunter
The left molecule shows an unstable atropisomer, its axis of chirality shown by the red arrow. On the right is a stable "arrangements."
A Better Class of Cancer Drugs
These photomicrograph cardiac stem cells isolated from mouse hearts clustered together in the shape of a heart.
Can We Restart the Heart?
SDSU’s Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex.
Collaborative Collisions