Sunday, June 26, 2016

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SDSU masters of public health graduate Christina Olson collects nutritional data in a market.
$10 Million Endowment for Health Disparities Work
A picture of an adult fruit fly brain taken under a confocal microscope.
Could Flies Help Us Understand Brain Injuries?
Honiara is the capital city of the Solomon Islands.
Linking Climate Change to Public Health
Red awareness ribbon
Do Awareness Days Make a Difference?
A trainer tests an athlete
Building a Better Concussion Test
In the micro-environment surrounding coral reefs, an interesting survival dynamic plays out between microbes and viruses.
Piggybacking Viruses
CIRM interns, Alejandra Mendoza and Nicole Wetton, are using a fluorescence microscope to image stem cells immunostained with the neuronal marker TUJ1.
Investing in Stem Cell Futures
Gut bacteria
A Gut Check for PCOS-related Obesity
Chemistry professor Christal Sohl studies how changes to enzymes can lead to cancer.
Cutting Edge of Discovery
Kelly Nguyen
The Campaign for Kelly
"Vaping" has surpassed "e-cigarettes" as the term of choice among Internet searchers.
Internet Searches Reflect Vaping’s Surge
Cigarette smoke leaves behind "thirdhand smoke," a harmful, lingering residue.
Extinguishing Thirdhand Smoke