Monday, February 27, 2017

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The author, Walter Penrose
Aztec Authors: "Postcolonial Amazons"
Art from the Experimental College class schedule
Common Chords – Experimental College
A skull with teeth intact.
Truth in Tooth
SDSU Red Chair
Who Sat in the Red Chair?
Sample "newspapers" created for the simulations
Prime Minister for a Day
Ranin Kazemi
A Different Lens
This 1955 photo features San Diego State College
Common Chords: Chapters from Aztec History
Carruthers in Tijuana
Borders of Inequality
The flame tower in action
From Fallout Shelter to Flame Tower
Risa Levitt Kohn working on the exhibit.
Past is Present
Codling Collection
Telling Venice's Secret Stories
George Washington obituary
Treasure Trove from America's Past