Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Bacterial virus, known as bacteriophage (Credit:
Phages Don’t Need Bacteria to Enter the Body
SDSU geography professor Trent Biggs (left) and reserve manager Pablo Bryant
Re-wilding the San Diego River
SDSU computer scientist Rob Edwards
A Novel Virus’s Cousins Are Surprisingly Abundant
An estimated six million children and adults in the United States have an LGB parent. (Credit: Huffington Post)
Children of Same-Sex Parents Are Emotionally Healthy
Teens looking at their smartphones
Screen Time Might Boost Depression, Suicide in Teens
Laura Sandoval presents her research at a conference at the University of Washington. (Credit: Marcus Donner)
From Maintaining Machines to Restoring Limb Function
Photo of North America taken from space
Who Were the First Americans?
Aerial view of SDSU
Drone Lab Offers Safe Skies and Student Opportunities
CSU Immersive Learning Summit attendee uses the HTC Vive.
SDSU Hosts CSU Immersive Learning Summit
SDSU biologist Walt Oechel
Wanted: Underrepresented Minorities to Help Save the Planet
MRI machine (Credit: 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University)
Perspectives on Autism
San Diego International Airport
Making Healthier Decisions, Step by Step